How good is your judgment, really?

Imagine a doctor, let’s call him Dr. Bob, has made a medical error that harmed a patient.

Normally, the hospital might have a meeting where they discuss the error and think about ways it could have been prevented. If you are a doctor listening to this, you’d probably be thinking, “Well,  I wouldn’t have made that error.”

But what if, instead, we could give all the doctors a game based on the facts of the case, and each doctor had to play from the perspective of Dr. Bob? The new doctor would be given the medical history, be able to order tests, and decide on a diagnosis.

Would she, in fact, avoid that error? Or might the new doctor make the same assumptions and mistakes as Dr. Bob? And how powerful a learning experience would that be?

That’s what we’re offering here at Brain Spark Learning. Serious games, based on real situations, that allow people to explore different paths and make life or death decisions – without actually killing anyone.

Engaging. Emotional. Memorable. They way learning should be.

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