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How does this work?
You're the expert

* You supply the content: decisions, consequences, images, and what feedback you want to give the participants.
* I’ll turn it into a branching scenario eLearning course.
* The course can be hosted on your LMS or on any website and played on any device.


What are the courses like?

* These are branching scenario eLearning courses.
* The participant gets a situation and has to make a series of choices - and experience the consequences.
* You can include any amount of real information - reports, pictures, videos, and sounds.

multiple points of view
Multiple Perspectives

* For your course, choose to offer a single point of view or more than one identity.
* This means the participant can experience the same situation from multiple points of view.
* Especially powerful for making people aware of inherent bias or any other situation when it's useful to "stand in someone else's shoes."


Useful for judgment calls
Wonderful for any situation that has more than one “right” answer, such as:

* Medical ethics
* Communication skills
* Using questions to connect with sales clients
* Inherent bias training
* Cultural awareness training
* Sexual harassment prevention training

Not for technical trainings

This is not the most effective training method for situations in which there is one right answer.

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